on May 09, 2018 AIX Cloud

Struggling with your IBM aix power environment?

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Well, you likely don’t need to be reminded that managing these AIX applications on-premise is costly and can be quite challenging to resource. And this hinders your growth!

You may be trying to figure out exactly how you can leverage cloud technology to modernize your environment –while maintaining your investment in AIX.

Shifting AIX workloads to the cloud doesn’t have to be painful.

Innovate faster with AIX Cloud from Data Integrity. Your enterprise will access Power System and AIX resources at a fraction of the cost of on-premise solutions and benefit from our experienced AIX team.

With a pay-per-use model, your company will save on: hardware & software costs, maintenance and administrative, as well as benefit from eliminating environmental costs with this off premise model.

We are ready to help you spin up your AIX Cloud. Reach out and get started with the transition to the AIX cloud today!



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